Look Book

These are a few of my favorite things…

Beautiful fashion, inspiring interiors, remarkable photography, and thought-provoking quotes. Just a mix of things that I come across that I simply can’t resist.

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. Amazing photography!

Paula Rice Jackson "Monochrome". This is on my wish list!

10 Commandments for a Happy Chic Home

“Thou shall not be overly formal, for if thou art; thou will be sad. Conversely, thou shalt not be overly whimsical, for if thou art thou will not feel chic. Therefore, thou shalt embrace a mix; pairing the chic classical foundation – excellent proportions, classic furniture – with a layer of playful punctuation. Then thou shalt rest.” -Jonathan Adler

I would love to get lost driving this weekend roadster.

Amanda Brooks "I Heart Your Style". Another book added to my wish list.

Umbrellas in France. Such an amazing photo! I wish I knew who the photographer was.

Richard Avedon photography. After visiting the New York Museum of Modern Art, I have a newfound interest in Avedon's work.

My dream home. I have always loved the architecture of Nantucket and Cape Cod.

This picture can only make you happy.

I just loved this photo, perhaps because of the detailing on the wardrobe and the fun element of stiletto heels.

"The Little Black Dress: Vintage Treasure" by Didier Ludot. Ludot owns the most famous vintage clothing store in Paris, and this book showcases her wide collection of little black dresses. A great coffee table book...another on my wish list.

I just couldn't resist. That is quite the skirt!

Luxe Lighting. This is an amazing photo!

"Domino: The Book of Decorating" is my favorite design book. It is full of wonderful design tips from the editors of Domino Magazine.

Allure Magazine. Yes...it is raining again.

Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellies. I love these! So chic yet so practical.

I love the collection of wellies in the entryway. Hunter boots have made rainy days very fashionable.

“…People’s lives are expressed in little details. The soap in the bathroom, the flowers in the garden, the books on the bedside table are all strong symbols of a life in progress. You look at these details and a world unfolds – here are their books, the paintings they cherish, and the music that soothes their souls.” -Charlotte Moss, “A Passion for Details”

I love creating small vignettes throughout the house on dressers, console tables, bookcases, and the mantelpiece. It is like creating little snapshots of your favorite things.

I love the work of photographer Rodney Smith. This is just a preview of his amazing portfolio of work.

Rodney Smith.

Rodney Smith.

Photographer Tim Walker. There is something about balloons that immediately makes me smile. This would be the most magical place for a wedding.

I love this paradoxical image of the elegant chandelier against the very urban city streets.

Simply irresistible! Christian Louboutin heels are works of art in and of themselves.

Sun at last! Nothing makes me happier than sunshine.

Petrie Point Designs. I love the idea of using vintage swim ware as decor.

Ready for the weekend. Every woman needs a chic trench!

Happy Birthday...to me!

Chris Beetles Gallery. I love this photo...the ultimate portrayal of femininity, refinement, and sophistication.

"Work Hard & Be Nice to People"...simple words to live by.

So quirky and fun! That's about the size of the bows that my mom put in my hair as a little girl.

Rodney Smith Photography. Another fabulous bow!

"A Flair For Living" by Charlotte Moss. I just received this book as a gift from a dear friend of mine, and it has become an amazing source of inspiration. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and makes for a perfect over-sized coffee table book.

The Sartorialist, January 2009. A beautiful black coat, opaque black tights, and ultra-chic black heels is the perfect go-to outfit for the chilly winter season. I absolutely love an all black outfit!


8 responses to “Look Book

  1. Caitlin- Your blog is amazing- really. You have a flair for design and eloquent prose and this blog is the embodiment of both.

    We must get some exposure for this, as has already been suggested. Can I help?

    A woman of many talents, a woman of many blessings, and a woman of so much beauty … that is you, my dear sweet Caitlin!

    xoxoxoxo Mrs J

  2. Liz Guaracini

    I am a cousin of Lucille Fletcher. She recommended your site. You are so articulate and talented!!!! Really enjoy your site!!!! Very impressive in ideas and the time it took to assemble all this.

  3. hosakoppal

    Hi Caitlin,
    An excellent blog! Your runway inspirations piece is awesome; I liked the way you have combined the two together.
    There is something unique in each of your posts. Each one is truly inspiring. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Jessica

    Hi Caitlin,

    I am trying to liven up my entryway and I came across some wall paper on your blog (which is, by the way, awesome!). Do you know where I can find this paper? i love the fun / classy look of this print. 🙂

    This was your quote under the picture of the gold geometric shape wall paper:
    Home and Garden. If you don’t have a clearly defined entryway, the addition of wallpaper and a few pieces of furniture can turn a simple hallway into a formal entryway.

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