Caitlin Johnston

Welcome to my Interiorly blog, a creative outlet for all those that are inspired by and passionate about creating living spaces. Spaces that are as functional and versatile as they are beautiful and unique. We all find inspiration for our interiors from many different sources…design magazines, flea markets, antique shows, boutiques and professional designer homes. Interiorly is one such source of inspiration.

It is a book of inspiration for my “dream home”…whenever that should happen. I hope that this will serve as a scrapbook of design inspirations for your dream home or next home project.

If we can’t have the dream home now, we can certainly still have a flair for living Interiorly


10 responses to “About

  1. Alanna Dittoe

    wow….you must have been born with this gift!! I am so impressed! thank you for sharing this with me and I would enjoy receiving the updates.

  2. Lucille and Natalie Fletcher

    We love the pink door! Just might use that idea…We look foward to updates, very impressed.

  3. I love your take on gray. The kitchen in gray is a delight to look at. Marble plus stainless steel plus crystal is pure “industrial chic”. I love it! I want it!
    Keep your research coming Caitlin – your blog is pure quality.

  4. Traci

    I love your comments and information. Hope you get that dream home soon!

  5. JJ

    Your personal space and/or your ‘dream’ home will always be beautiful as will be a reflection of you. You are truly blessed, Cait, and keep living out your many passions and gifts!

  6. Alex

    I was looking for a tufed lavendar bed. and i came across the lavender tufted sleigh bed. i reallllyyyyy need something exactly like that, and i was wondering if anyone knows where it can be purchased. thanks, ~alex~

  7. I’m seriously loving your blog! I can look at interiors all day and you’ve got a great collection here.

  8. Taylor Wilson

    Hi Caitlin,

    I find your blog post really interesting. I like your sense of taste in interior design. I’d like to contact you further – please e-mail me at taylor.w@arcadianhome.com

    Best Regards,

    Taylor Wilson

  9. Hi Caitlin,

    We wanted to let you know that we re-posted your lucite console to our blog, http://featherandneststyle.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/ice-ice-baby/

    Clicking on the photo takes the viewer right to your lovely blog. : )

    Kristen and Jamie
    Feather & Nest

  10. Eee Bee

    Just wanted to say that I love your blog.
    I never write to people to say this.
    It is well written – I thought…”I wonder, is she a teacher of interior design who writes”. I’ve forwarded the link to my friends.

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If we can't have the dream home now, we can certainly still have a flair for living Interiorly...

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