Runway Inspiration

Trends from the runway for your wardrobe and your home…

Canary Yellow + Blue

Oscar de la Renta, Resort Fashion 2010.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors.

Neutral Navy

Phillip Lim, New York Fashion Week 2010.

Miles Redd, Elle Decor.

Bundle of Joy

A beautiful baby shower for baby Olivia! Last weekend my sister and I hosted a baby shower for our cousin who is expecting a little baby girl in October. Inspired by the amazing party ideas on “Hostess with the Mostess” (, we came up with a theme and an idea board and we were off and running. It was all in the details…from the perfectly pink candy bar to the baby bottle topiaries, and everything in between. After months of planning and late night crafting, the party turned out to be quite amazing and we had so much fun in the process. I hope that these pictures inspire you during your next party planning endeavor.

Corals to Covet

Coral seems to be the latest color trend in makeup this summer. Nearly every style magazine has featured a spread on the newest coral lipsticks and blushes, and MAC, Lancome and Bobbi Brown have introduced colors such as Calypso Coral, Colour Me Coral and Coral Flirt. The orange pink hue is young and vibrant and proves to be quintessential to the arrival of warm weather. Coral is not only a beautiful accent color for sun-kissed skin, but also a great color to introduce into the home. Although often associated with tropical or coastal interiors, it does not have to be confined to strictly beach house decor. When combined with a neutral such as cream, gray, white or blush, coral can be a very elegant and sophisticated addition to any style or aesthetic. Whether applied as a bold accent piece or a soft white-washed wall, coral provides a subtly feminine, warm and bright splash of color that will enliven any space and bring the same youthful glow to your home as it does to your complexion.

Amanda Nesbit uses a variety of shades of coral in this living room proving how the color can serve as both a bold accent piece or a soft feminine touch of color.

Martha Stewart Living. The coral color used in this space has strong orange undertones that mimic the warm sun-kissed look celebrated in makeup this summer. Using coral in a linen fabric adds to its soft femininity.

I love how the floor to ceiling drapery fades from orange to coral, creating a beautiful sunset-like blend of colors. This is a perfect example of how coral pulls from both orange and pink hues, serving as a great alternative to the two rather bold colors.

Mary McDonald. In this space, the zebra print ottoman takes center stage and the coral drapery creates a nice frame around the focal point. Notice how coral also pairs well with a black and white color scheme.

I absolutely love this space! The neutral palette and touches of warm coral accents is a perfect choice of color for this sun-filled room. Keeping the large furniture pieces neutral allows for versatility so that you can easily change the accent color when the seasons change.

Reserving the coral to one accent piece creates a bold focal point on the bed and draws your eye towards the beautifully designed tufted headboard with nailhead detailing. I love how the designer used lattice wallpaper on only the main wall in the bedroom.

The bold blocks of coral on the sheer drapery adds another element of geometry to this reading corner. Notice how the blue wall art is strategically hung to create a definitive corner behind the chair.

Amanda Nesbit has mastered the use of coral. Although coral is a bold choice of color for the walls, it works well on a wall with built-ins allowing only small amounts of the color to peak through. If you are hesitant to use a bold color on your walls, this is a great way to start.

Southern Accents Magazine. Coral and green is an unlikely pair, but the two colors work beautifully together in this space. Although the space is a bit busy and eclectic, the coral walls help to anchor the room and the green accent pieces give focus to the space.

This room is a great example of how coral can work with any style or aesthetic. When paired with geometric prints and bright furniture, coral instantly goes from warm and feminine to bold and modern.

Coral looks particularly beautiful when used as a silk because it reflects light, creating a soft youthful glow. The combination of silk, zebra and gold instantly makes a space feel glamorous and chic.

Bobbi Brown's "Cabana Corals" makeup line, 2010.

Closet Space

What woman doesn’t dream of having Carrie Bradshaw’s collection of Christian Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks, and Chanel handbags? Not only do I long for her beautiful wardrobe, but also her beautifully designed walk-in closet with its glass doors, all-white palette, and soft lighting. Once favored solely for their utilitarianism, today’s closets are bigger, bolder, and more luxurious than ever before. Homeowners and interior designers alike are giving closet space the same thoughtful planning and attention to aesthetics as any other space in the home. And much like your wardrobe, a beautifully designed closet can become a direct reflection of your style, personality, and needs. Whether glamorous, understated, modern or traditional; closets have evolved beyond mere utilitarianism into a space that is as elegant and chic as the clothes they house.

I love the antique chandelier and ornate table in the center of this dressing room. Notice how it serves dual functionalities--a closet and an office space.

Mariah Carey's shoe closet looks more like a department store than a closet space. The shoes are so beautifully arranged that they become part of the decor and help to complement the other gold accents on the silk tufted chair, marble floors, and chandelier.

I love the monochromatic palette of grays and beiges used in this space. Not only does it create a calming effect, but it also allows the clothes to serve as the main focal point of the space. A monochromatic palette is particularly effective in a dressing room because it prevents your eye from being distracted by other busy patterns or bold colors.

This is one of my favorite closets! The mirrored closet doors are not only beautiful architectural pieces, but they also help to reflect the natural light; brightening the space and illuminating the clothes.

J. Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons chose to forgo a living room and used the space to showcase and store her wardrobe. I like the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine pieces with the steel antlers and crystal chandelier.

The purple velvet chair is reminiscent of the furniture in the Westin Hotel in Paris. The closet is not only beautifully decorated with ultra chic furniture and feminine accent pieces, but it is also functional with built-ins that maximize the space.

The glass closet doors are a beautiful way to showcase your wardrobe while also keeping the space bright and open. The homeowner truly maximized the space with floor to ceiling shelves and a chaise lounge with built-in drawers.

Tory Burch's closet is a perfect example of how this space can become a direct reflection of one's style and personality. The bright orange chair and bold chevron countertop is reminiscent of the colors and patterns in the Tory Burch collection.

The uniquely shaped arched entryway makes for a grand entrance into the closet. The all-white floors and soft pink walls create a neutral backdrop for the clothes and bold colored furniture.

If you don't have the luxury of having a large dressing room or closet, you can still make the space feel chic and elegant by adding your favorite wallpaper to the interior walls and doors.

Mirrored closet doors not only fill the room with natural light, but also make the space feel larger. The long and low-lying bench forces your eye to look from one side of the room to the other, and adds to the feeling of a large expansive space.

Even a small closet can look chic with the addition of a few decorative accents. The addition of the trellis wallpaper, roman shades, black chandelier, and striped ottoman takes the space from simply utilitarian to feminine and fun.

Runway Inspiration

Trends from the Spring 2010 Runway for your wardrobe and your home…

Blue Hues

Rachel Bilson's Edie Rose Collection for DKNY.

Chris Everard photography. The blues in this space represent the many blue hues of spring fashion. The framed cobalt blue dress and floral patterned carpet mimic the blue floral textured dress worn by Rachel Bilson.

Soft Pastels + Neutrals

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2010.

The pastel pink and taupe color scheme of this bedroom is almost an exact replica of the two piece outfit above...taupe on the top and soft pink on the bottom. Notice also how the oversized flower on the skirt mimics the shape of the peonies.

A Silver Lining

Despite my love for the color black, I find that it can often be limited in its application because of its bold hue and modern feel. Gray, however, is a perfect alternative to black because its range of shades allows for a versatility of uses. While slate gray can create a bold statement with accent pieces, a soft heather gray can act as a neutral and is perfect for walls, fabrics, and even floor boards. When gray stands alone there is always the risk of making a space feel somber, masculine, and industrial. But the addition of a “silver lining”, can add an element of classicism, elegance, and sophistication. Whether you use a chandelier, mirror, or silver leafed piece of furniture, the addition of a silver accent to a gray palette can create a space that is defined as both “chic industrialism” and “masculine elegance.” Although I have a deep affinity for the ever-classic black and gold, gray and silver prove be a softer and equally as beautiful power couple in the world of interior design.

“Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.” –Maurice Setter

"A Silver Lining"

The silver gilt wallpaper, chrome entryway table, antique mirror, and high gloss hardwood floors create multiple sources of reflective light. Adding a touch of gilt and shine makes for a very bright and welcoming entryway.

The soft heather gray side tables and accent pieces look beautiful against an all-white palette. The small mirrors on either side of the bed give the space a touch of "silver lining" and add to the symmetry of the space. I love the intricate design of the headboard!

The built-in gray velvet tufted banquette looks beautiful against the silver gilt wallpaper. The use of dark wood furniture and hardwood floors makes the gray and silver pop and creates a high contrast between old and new.

I like how the designer added just a touch of silver with the the mirrors and the small chrome tables. The addition of these elements immediately gives the living room a touch of elegance.

The dark slate gray wall creates a beautiful backdrop for the ornate Lisa Epley mirror and silver mirrored console. The bright white moulding and all-white upholstered chair magnify the contrast between the matte paint and high shine accent pieces.

I like how the designer used both gold and silver to accessorize this all-gray bedroom. As with fashion, gold and silver accessories are not mutually exclusive and can compliment each other beautifully when worn together.

I love the juxtaposition of the industrial stovetop and chrome hood and the French style Louis armchair and crystal chandelier. A beautiful example of how the addition of silver and gilt accent pieces can take a space from simply utilitarian to "industrial chic".

The chrome legs on the coffee table and the gray silk pillows add to the modern glam feel of this space. The different shades of gray used on the pillows is a perfect example of the color's diversity and versatility.

I love the rug used in this master bedroom suite. The touch of silver gilt adds texture and dimension to the floor and creates shine where you would least expect it.

A perfect example of the beauty of adding a touch of "silver lining". I love the distorted proportions of this space....notice how the lamp is almost twice the size of the table and the antique chair.

Versace Couture wedding dress, 2009. I love the gray wedding dress that Carrie wore on Sex and the City. Although I would never wear a gray wedding dress, I think that it would be a beautiful color for bridesmaid dresses. Its the most beautiful gray green color with a touch of silver sparkle.

To My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

To My Mom

My Confidant, My Inspiration, and My Best Friend

First Mother's Day, May 1986.

What I wish for my mom on Mother’s Day…

Time Just for Herself

A Lazy Sunday Morning

Brunch in the Garden

…with her favorite banana pancakes

The Flowers She Adores

The Relaxation She Deserves

A Bit of Pampering…and Lots of Sweets

A Long Awaited Get-Away

And all my love…

Blushing Pink

With a new baby girl on the way in the family, the color on everyone’s mind is pink, pink, pink. It is not the bold pink that adorns Betsey Johnson’s New York loft, but the soft sweet pink that is reminiscent of our childhood. I have often avoided using pale pink as part of my decor for this very reason–fear that it would be childish or girly. But when used in moderation, pale pink has the power to transform a space; adding a touch of warmth, elegance, and sophistication that is unmatched by any other color. Its soft, yet alluring hue allows it to serve as both a focal point and a neutral backdrop, making it a perfect color for walls, linens or accent pieces. Although pink will continue to be the color of choice for a little girl’s nursery, it has undoubtedly grown up in the world of interior design. As the spaces below demonstrate, pale pink has taken its place in the home with a subtle more mature tone that is distinctly different from the pink of our childhood.

Much like the spaces below, these soft pink Christian Louboutin heels are the perfect combination of femininity, sophistication, and elegance.

Pink serves as a beautiful accent color to the all-white furniture in this space. I like the use of different shades of pink, incorporating both a soft baby pink and a darker rosy pink.

Martha Stewart. I love this bedroom! The linen headboard makes the space feel shabby chic, but the fine pink linens and antique sconces maintain a sense of elegance and luxury.

Pale pink looks particularly beautiful when paired with silvers and grays. Although the designer chose a rather bold pink for the walls, the soft gray marble and white accents prevent the pink from being too bright and overwhelming.

Elle Decor. Although there is a lot of pink in this room, the addition of antique pieces adds a touch of masculinity and gives the room an old-century feel. The walls are painted in Conch Shell by Benjamin Moore.

The soft hint of pink in the linens and headboard adds warmth to this otherwise cold monochromatic white space. The bright pink throw adds just the right dose of bold femininity.

Kendall Wilkinson Design. Adding pink to the walls of an entryway makes for a very dramatic introduction to your home. The beautiful mirrored drawers and gold sconces in the bathroom add to the elegance and drama of the entryway.

Martha Stewart Magazine. This is another great example of how pale pink pairs beautifully with gray marble. I love the repetition of pink stripes on the wallpaper, ceiling and roman shades. Notice the pink KitchenAid mixer...definitely on my wish list!

Domino Magazine. It is easy to get lost in the eclecticism of this space, but the pink daybed at the center of the room gives the space a focal point and a defined purpose.

A pink silk tufted headboard is the ultimate symbol of glamour and luxury. This is every little girl's dream room.

House Beautiful. The white washed pink walls make for a beautiful backdrop to the gallery of diverse artwork. The soft pink looks beautiful against the gray wainscoting and unfinished paneled floors.

This is such a creative way to hide your closet space while also creating a beautiful vanity. To do it yourself at home, simply create roll-up shades out of your favorite fabric and attach them to a valance at the top of the shelving.

Pretty in pink!

Runway Inspiration

Trends from the Spring 2010 Runway for your wardrobe and your home…

Sheer Lucite

Fendi. Milan Fashion Week Spring 2010.

Acrylic and silver make for a very chic modern space.


Stella McCartney. Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010.

This floral wallpaper mimics the red and taupe palette of the floral dress above.

Getting Personal

I have always admired homes that are equally as beautiful as they are unique to the homeowner; not only reflecting the latest trends in interior design, but also reflecting the individual style, interests, and personality of those it houses. There is no better way to make a space feel personal than to add a monogram. Once confined strictly to hand towels in the guest bath, monogramming is now a very chic and contemporary way to personalize any accessory in the home. Because of the variety of fonts and appliques, the ever traditional three-letter monogram can be reinvented to fit any style or aesthetic. Whether applied to a pillow, lamp shade, slipcover, or coverlet; a monogram is a timeless addition that can take a space from simply beautiful to distinctly yours.

It is not until you add your own personal touch that a beautiful space truly becomes a home…

This is a must for any home office! The Dabney Lee At Home website allows you to put a personalized monogram on nearly anything. They offer a variety of patterns, colors, and fonts so that you can make your home or office a true reflection of your style and personality.

A bold applique monogram looks particularly beautiful against bright white linens. The Hermes orange, coupled with the white and brown, creates the perfect classic palette for the equally classic and sophisticated three-letter monogram.

This is a great example of how monograms can be applied to nearly every accent piece in your home. The turquoise monogram not only adds a pop of color, but also personalizes the entryway...a beautiful introduction to the home!

Although subtle, the addition of a monogram on the shams immediately makes an otherwise simple and monochromatic space feel chic, sophisticated, and elegant.

Amanda Nesbit features monograms in nearly every room she designs. I like the use of an oversized single initial monogram, and the choice of curly font further emphasizes the bathroom's femininity.

Traditional meets modern in this bedroom with the geometric print headboard and classic white monogrammed pillow shams. Because of the unique design of the monogram, it looks more like an embroidered pattern than initials.

There is something about navy blue decor that seems to always merit a monogram. Although there are a number of different decorative accents in this space, your eye is immediately drawn to the simple monogram pillow at the center of the couch. I like the edgier and more modern take on the three-letter monogram...a contrast to the softer more traditional lattice pillows.

Elle Decor. This equestrian inspired bedroom is a perfect example of the variety of methods of applying a monogram. Rather than choosing an embroidery or applique, the designer went with a more masculine needlepoint pillow with double-wide lettering. The needle-point pillow adds texture and dimension to the bed, and the use of "his" and "her" initials gives a contemporary feel to the classic three-letter monogram.

Monogramed china makes for a beautifully elegant table setting. A single initial seems to be replacing the more traditional use of the couple's full initials.

Traditional Home. This warm palette of copper and coral is enlivened with Leontine’s "Molly" monogram in red linen. Leontine creates the most luxurious custom monogrammed linens

In this do-it-yourself project, the homeowner painted a monogram on the back of two dining room chairs to create a "host" and "hostess" chair at the head of the table. I love this idea!

If we can't have the dream home now, we can certainly still have a flair for living Interiorly...

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