Interiorly Part II

I am finally back to blogging after more than two years. I initially started Interiorly as a form of healing and therapy, and now I am back at it again for that very reason. Our spaces are often a reflection of ourselves and an expression of our state of mind, so it was not by accident that I chose the name Interiorly. The definition of Interiorly is:

Of, relating to, or located on the inside; inner. Of or relating to one’s mental or spiritual being.

Interiorly is my way of sharing the inner me…the me that can sometimes only be expressed through design. I hope you enjoy the first in what I hope to be a series of blog posts about interior spaces that inspire, heal, and wow me.

Here are 25 of my favorite posts from the last 5 years…



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If we can't have the dream home now, we can certainly still have a flair for living Interiorly...

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