Midnight Hue

There is a certain hue of blue that is reminiscent of the evening sky in the dead of winter. This deep midnight blue is one that is hard to replicate, but when the perfect hue is achieved, it is a color whose beauty and strength is unlike any other. While I love to decorate with the classic and ever-sophisticated black, it is a difficult color to use on a large scale because it can overwhelm a room and make it feel cold and overly modern. Midnight blue, however, is a perfect alternative to black and provides the same rich, masculine feel without being too harsh. The balance between the highly saturated black-like tones and bright cobalt undertones gives it universal appeal and makes it a perfect backdrop for both a bachelor’s pad and a stylish traditional living room. Midnight blue looks particularly beautiful when contrasted with stark white furniture or natural wood accents. Whether splashed on the walls in a high-sheen finish or used in moderation on pillows and rugs, midnight blue instantly creates a strong presence and makes a space feel effortlessly chic yet masculine.

Elle Decor. This stylish living room decorated by Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle is a perfect example of midnight blue's universal appeal. While the color is inherently dark and masculine, it can instantly become feminine when paired with soft fabrics and shades of pink and purple.

Elle Decor. This kitchen showcases midnight blue in all its glory by allowing it to stand alone against a rather neutral and monochromatic palette. Natural wood and white are the perfect contrast to this dark, highly saturated color.

I absolutely love this entryway! The high-sheen floors and floor to ceiling midnight blue paint creates a dramatic introduction to the home and sparks great anticipation for what the rest of the house has to offer.

Miles Redd. Midnight blue is a great color for a wall of bookshelves because it transforms a utilitarian feature of a room into a stylish focal point. Because of the strength of the color, painting just one wall is enough to make a statement. Notice how the sterling silver detailing stands out against the dark shelves.

This rare midnight blue marble mantle could stand on its own without much accessorizing, but in this space it blends beautifully into the background and becomes a more understated statement piece.

In this bedroom midnight blue is used in a variety of shades, demonstrating how it can be used as both a matte backdrop or a bold focal point. Notice the variety of textures and materials used in this space...velvet, fur, leather, lucite, chrome...and yet they all work together beautifully.

I love this chandelier! This whole space is an interesting play on colors and styles. I love the contrast of the white marble and stark white walls against the bold chandelier, and the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary pieces.

Amanda Nisbet Design. I particularly like the use of midnight blue in velvet fabric, adding to the richness of the color. The color also proves to be even more dramatic with a high-sheen finish.

Designer Miles Redd seems to have mastered the use of midnight blue. Using high-sheen midnight blue to finish the cupboards is a bold move, but by keeping to one color and minimal detailing, Redd prevents the space from being too loud and overwhelming. Pairing midnight blue with oak wood floors creates a very masculine feel.

Elle Decor. Designer Todd Roman blanketed this study in the perfect matte midnight blue paint. Much like black, midnight blue can be used as a neutral that pairs beautifully with other bold colors and patterns.

This very chic and feminine bedroom uses only two colors--white and midnight blue--and yet the use of various fabrics and patterns makes it far from simple. I love the contrast of the sharp edges of the greek key and hexagon pattern against the soft velvet and delicate draping of the canopy bed.

Miles Redd. The midnight blue lacquer wall in this sitting room is the perfect anecdote to the orange velvet tufted bench and original oak floors. Farrow and Ball has the best selection of midnight blue lacquer paint. This one called "Hague Blue" is a favorite of designer Miles Redd.


4 responses to “Midnight Hue

  1. JJ

    Blue used to be my favorite decorating color and now I remember why! Love it- especially using midnight blue to make an elegant statement. Amazing commentary, CJ 🙂

  2. Julie

    I absolutely love the photos you post with your blog! An inspiration.

  3. so stunning. miles has drama down pat, no??
    enjoyed my visit!
    – {darlene}
    fieldstone hill design

  4. The way every furniture is placed looking very beautiful. I’ve observed very carefully and I must say that designer is perfectionist in his/her work. Great Work!

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