Corals to Covet

Coral seems to be the latest color trend in makeup this summer. Nearly every style magazine has featured a spread on the newest coral lipsticks and blushes, and MAC, Lancome and Bobbi Brown have introduced colors such as Calypso Coral, Colour Me Coral and Coral Flirt. The orange pink hue is young and vibrant and proves to be quintessential to the arrival of warm weather. Coral is not only a beautiful accent color for sun-kissed skin, but also a great color to introduce into the home. Although often associated with tropical or coastal interiors, it does not have to be confined to strictly beach house decor. When combined with a neutral such as cream, gray, white or blush, coral can be a very elegant and sophisticated addition to any style or aesthetic. Whether applied as a bold accent piece or a soft white-washed wall, coral provides a subtly feminine, warm and bright splash of color that will enliven any space and bring the same youthful glow to your home as it does to your complexion.

Amanda Nesbit uses a variety of shades of coral in this living room proving how the color can serve as both a bold accent piece or a soft feminine touch of color.

Martha Stewart Living. The coral color used in this space has strong orange undertones that mimic the warm sun-kissed look celebrated in makeup this summer. Using coral in a linen fabric adds to its soft femininity.

I love how the floor to ceiling drapery fades from orange to coral, creating a beautiful sunset-like blend of colors. This is a perfect example of how coral pulls from both orange and pink hues, serving as a great alternative to the two rather bold colors.

Mary McDonald. In this space, the zebra print ottoman takes center stage and the coral drapery creates a nice frame around the focal point. Notice how coral also pairs well with a black and white color scheme.

I absolutely love this space! The neutral palette and touches of warm coral accents is a perfect choice of color for this sun-filled room. Keeping the large furniture pieces neutral allows for versatility so that you can easily change the accent color when the seasons change.

Reserving the coral to one accent piece creates a bold focal point on the bed and draws your eye towards the beautifully designed tufted headboard with nailhead detailing. I love how the designer used lattice wallpaper on only the main wall in the bedroom.

The bold blocks of coral on the sheer drapery adds another element of geometry to this reading corner. Notice how the blue wall art is strategically hung to create a definitive corner behind the chair.

Amanda Nesbit has mastered the use of coral. Although coral is a bold choice of color for the walls, it works well on a wall with built-ins allowing only small amounts of the color to peak through. If you are hesitant to use a bold color on your walls, this is a great way to start.

Southern Accents Magazine. Coral and green is an unlikely pair, but the two colors work beautifully together in this space. Although the space is a bit busy and eclectic, the coral walls help to anchor the room and the green accent pieces give focus to the space.

This room is a great example of how coral can work with any style or aesthetic. When paired with geometric prints and bright furniture, coral instantly goes from warm and feminine to bold and modern.

Coral looks particularly beautiful when used as a silk because it reflects light, creating a soft youthful glow. The combination of silk, zebra and gold instantly makes a space feel glamorous and chic.

Bobbi Brown's "Cabana Corals" makeup line, 2010.


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