A Silver Lining

Despite my love for the color black, I find that it can often be limited in its application because of its bold hue and modern feel. Gray, however, is a perfect alternative to black because its range of shades allows for a versatility of uses. While slate gray can create a bold statement with accent pieces, a soft heather gray can act as a neutral and is perfect for walls, fabrics, and even floor boards. When gray stands alone there is always the risk of making a space feel somber, masculine, and industrial. But the addition of a “silver lining”, can add an element of classicism, elegance, and sophistication. Whether you use a chandelier, mirror, or silver leafed piece of furniture, the addition of a silver accent to a gray palette can create a space that is defined as both “chic industrialism” and “masculine elegance.” Although I have a deep affinity for the ever-classic black and gold, gray and silver prove be a softer and equally as beautiful power couple in the world of interior design.

“Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.” –Maurice Setter

"A Silver Lining"

The silver gilt wallpaper, chrome entryway table, antique mirror, and high gloss hardwood floors create multiple sources of reflective light. Adding a touch of gilt and shine makes for a very bright and welcoming entryway.

The soft heather gray side tables and accent pieces look beautiful against an all-white palette. The small mirrors on either side of the bed give the space a touch of "silver lining" and add to the symmetry of the space. I love the intricate design of the headboard!

The built-in gray velvet tufted banquette looks beautiful against the silver gilt wallpaper. The use of dark wood furniture and hardwood floors makes the gray and silver pop and creates a high contrast between old and new.

I like how the designer added just a touch of silver with the the mirrors and the small chrome tables. The addition of these elements immediately gives the living room a touch of elegance.

The dark slate gray wall creates a beautiful backdrop for the ornate Lisa Epley mirror and silver mirrored console. The bright white moulding and all-white upholstered chair magnify the contrast between the matte paint and high shine accent pieces.

I like how the designer used both gold and silver to accessorize this all-gray bedroom. As with fashion, gold and silver accessories are not mutually exclusive and can compliment each other beautifully when worn together.

I love the juxtaposition of the industrial stovetop and chrome hood and the French style Louis armchair and crystal chandelier. A beautiful example of how the addition of silver and gilt accent pieces can take a space from simply utilitarian to "industrial chic".

The chrome legs on the coffee table and the gray silk pillows add to the modern glam feel of this space. The different shades of gray used on the pillows is a perfect example of the color's diversity and versatility.

I love the rug used in this master bedroom suite. The touch of silver gilt adds texture and dimension to the floor and creates shine where you would least expect it.

A perfect example of the beauty of adding a touch of "silver lining". I love the distorted proportions of this space....notice how the lamp is almost twice the size of the table and the antique chair.

Versace Couture wedding dress, 2009. I love the gray wedding dress that Carrie wore on Sex and the City. Although I would never wear a gray wedding dress, I think that it would be a beautiful color for bridesmaid dresses. Its the most beautiful gray green color with a touch of silver sparkle.


4 responses to “A Silver Lining

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  3. Juliette

    Just book marked your blog 🙂 Love it! One question about the grey stone dining table above, where ever can I purchase it??? Or find out more info on it???
    It’s just beautiful!

    Thank you so much for the work that you do 🙂

  4. anju

    U are really a true artist..I mean.. ur blend of colors. the way u work on every arrangement. they way u conceptualize the entire room, by replicating the same pattern as that of the ramp models attire…awesome work :)…GOB BLESS…:)

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