Blushing Pink

With a new baby girl on the way in the family, the color on everyone’s mind is pink, pink, pink. It is not the bold pink that adorns Betsey Johnson’s New York loft, but the soft sweet pink that is reminiscent of our childhood. I have often avoided using pale pink as part of my decor for this very reason–fear that it would be childish or girly. But when used in moderation, pale pink has the power to transform a space; adding a touch of warmth, elegance, and sophistication that is unmatched by any other color. Its soft, yet alluring hue allows it to serve as both a focal point and a neutral backdrop, making it a perfect color for walls, linens or accent pieces. Although pink will continue to be the color of choice for a little girl’s nursery, it has undoubtedly grown up in the world of interior design. As the spaces below demonstrate, pale pink has taken its place in the home with a subtle more mature tone that is distinctly different from the pink of our childhood.

Much like the spaces below, these soft pink Christian Louboutin heels are the perfect combination of femininity, sophistication, and elegance.

Pink serves as a beautiful accent color to the all-white furniture in this space. I like the use of different shades of pink, incorporating both a soft baby pink and a darker rosy pink.

Martha Stewart. I love this bedroom! The linen headboard makes the space feel shabby chic, but the fine pink linens and antique sconces maintain a sense of elegance and luxury.

Pale pink looks particularly beautiful when paired with silvers and grays. Although the designer chose a rather bold pink for the walls, the soft gray marble and white accents prevent the pink from being too bright and overwhelming.

Elle Decor. Although there is a lot of pink in this room, the addition of antique pieces adds a touch of masculinity and gives the room an old-century feel. The walls are painted in Conch Shell by Benjamin Moore.

The soft hint of pink in the linens and headboard adds warmth to this otherwise cold monochromatic white space. The bright pink throw adds just the right dose of bold femininity.

Kendall Wilkinson Design. Adding pink to the walls of an entryway makes for a very dramatic introduction to your home. The beautiful mirrored drawers and gold sconces in the bathroom add to the elegance and drama of the entryway.

Martha Stewart Magazine. This is another great example of how pale pink pairs beautifully with gray marble. I love the repetition of pink stripes on the wallpaper, ceiling and roman shades. Notice the pink KitchenAid mixer...definitely on my wish list!

Domino Magazine. It is easy to get lost in the eclecticism of this space, but the pink daybed at the center of the room gives the space a focal point and a defined purpose.

A pink silk tufted headboard is the ultimate symbol of glamour and luxury. This is every little girl's dream room.

House Beautiful. The white washed pink walls make for a beautiful backdrop to the gallery of diverse artwork. The soft pink looks beautiful against the gray wainscoting and unfinished paneled floors.

This is such a creative way to hide your closet space while also creating a beautiful vanity. To do it yourself at home, simply create roll-up shades out of your favorite fabric and attach them to a valance at the top of the shelving.

Pretty in pink!


2 responses to “Blushing Pink

  1. Love your pictures! I agree I went thru a phase were pink for me was not in, now after having my daughter, I LOVE IT!

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