Getting Personal

I have always admired homes that are equally as beautiful as they are unique to the homeowner; not only reflecting the latest trends in interior design, but also reflecting the individual style, interests, and personality of those it houses. There is no better way to make a space feel personal than to add a monogram. Once confined strictly to hand towels in the guest bath, monogramming is now a very chic and contemporary way to personalize any accessory in the home. Because of the variety of fonts and appliques, the ever traditional three-letter monogram can be reinvented to fit any style or aesthetic. Whether applied to a pillow, lamp shade, slipcover, or coverlet; a monogram is a timeless addition that can take a space from simply beautiful to distinctly yours.

It is not until you add your own personal touch that a beautiful space truly becomes a home…

This is a must for any home office! The Dabney Lee At Home website allows you to put a personalized monogram on nearly anything. They offer a variety of patterns, colors, and fonts so that you can make your home or office a true reflection of your style and personality.

A bold applique monogram looks particularly beautiful against bright white linens. The Hermes orange, coupled with the white and brown, creates the perfect classic palette for the equally classic and sophisticated three-letter monogram.

This is a great example of how monograms can be applied to nearly every accent piece in your home. The turquoise monogram not only adds a pop of color, but also personalizes the entryway...a beautiful introduction to the home!

Although subtle, the addition of a monogram on the shams immediately makes an otherwise simple and monochromatic space feel chic, sophisticated, and elegant.

Amanda Nesbit features monograms in nearly every room she designs. I like the use of an oversized single initial monogram, and the choice of curly font further emphasizes the bathroom's femininity.

Traditional meets modern in this bedroom with the geometric print headboard and classic white monogrammed pillow shams. Because of the unique design of the monogram, it looks more like an embroidered pattern than initials.

There is something about navy blue decor that seems to always merit a monogram. Although there are a number of different decorative accents in this space, your eye is immediately drawn to the simple monogram pillow at the center of the couch. I like the edgier and more modern take on the three-letter monogram...a contrast to the softer more traditional lattice pillows.

Elle Decor. This equestrian inspired bedroom is a perfect example of the variety of methods of applying a monogram. Rather than choosing an embroidery or applique, the designer went with a more masculine needlepoint pillow with double-wide lettering. The needle-point pillow adds texture and dimension to the bed, and the use of "his" and "her" initials gives a contemporary feel to the classic three-letter monogram.

Monogramed china makes for a beautifully elegant table setting. A single initial seems to be replacing the more traditional use of the couple's full initials.

Traditional Home. This warm palette of copper and coral is enlivened with Leontine’s "Molly" monogram in red linen. Leontine creates the most luxurious custom monogrammed linens

In this do-it-yourself project, the homeowner painted a monogram on the back of two dining room chairs to create a "host" and "hostess" chair at the head of the table. I love this idea!


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