If Walls Could Talk

Wallpaper has made an impressive comeback over the last few years, and proves to be the latest trend in interior design. Today’s prints are bolder and brighter than ever before, and can be used in a number of different ways to enhance the beauty of a room. With a choice of florals, patterns, stripes, textures, and colors; wallpaper can transform a plain wall into a canvas of creativity and style. Whether used in a small space to add interest, on a single wall to replace art, in a foyer to boldly greet guests, or on a ceiling to create a focal point – wallpaper has the power to redefine the aesthetic of a space and bring an entire room to life.

If walls could talk…I wonder what these rooms would be saying?

This large floral pattern wallpaper adds visual interest to an otherwise plain bedroom, and the large yellow flower in the corner compliments the beautiful yellow and white striped silk drapes. I love when drapes are oversized and puddle at the bottom, making it less formal and drawing your eye from ceiling to floor.

Home and Garden. If you don't have a clearly defined entryway, the addition of wallpaper and a few pieces of furniture can turn a simple hallway into a formal entryway.

Domino Magazine. This bold zebra wallpaper creates a dramatic entrance into the living room. Wallpapering the walls and the ceiling makes an otherwise small narrow space appear larger.

The striped wallpaper in this living room creates a bold statement and gives life to an otherwise neutral color palette. By keeping the rest of the space monochromatic, the wallpaper takes center stage and becomes the clear focal point of the room.

If a pattern is overly busy, you can wallpaper only the upper half of the wall and paint the wainscoting. This helps to prevent the space from being visually overwhelming and allows for the use of a complimentary paint color to enhance the beauty of the wallpaper.

Designer Kelly Wearstler. I usually don't like the walls to match the drapery, but in this space it works beautifully. The white moulding and the white furniture help to break up the pattern and bring out the white grid-like lines in the lattice pattern wallpaper.

I love this entryway! Greeting your guests with a bold wallpaper and bright yellow accents is a great way to introduce them to your style and personality. Using wallpaper in an entryway also allows you to make a big statement in a small space.

I love this room! There is a lot of pattern on the walls and the windows, but the use of different shades of lavender brings the whole space together and prevents the patterns from being overwhelming. I like how the patterns are confined to the edges of the room, allowing the sleigh bed to still serve as the focal point of the room.

Apartment Therapy. The peacock feathers wallpaper in this entryway is amazing. The gold and bronze color scheme make for a very warm welcome to this home.

The metallic gold and teal wallpaper enhances the beauty of the antique velvet chair and serves as a backdrop rather than a focal point. The high sheen wallpaper adds another dimension to the many different textures in this space.



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