Industrial Chic Kitchens

The use of stainless steel in interior design is reminiscent of the industrialism, functionality, and simplicity of the Bauhaus style and the Machine Age. Its durability, low-maintenance, and clean streamlined surface makes it a perfect material for a space devoted to utility. Today, stainless steel has gone beyond its industrial roots and can be found in kitchens of many styles and aesthetics. Whether used in appliances, backsplashes, countertops, or furniture; stainless steel is a mainstay of kitchen design. When stainless steel stands alone there is always the risk of making a space feel somber, cold, and institutional. But the addition of white, particularly white marble, can instantly make a space feel elegant and chic. The juxtaposition of stainless steel and beautiful white carrara marble creates an “industrial chic” space that is equally beautiful as it is functional.

Metal accents, streamlined surfaces, and an all-white palette create a bright, clean, and stylish space that would inspire even the greatest of chefs.

Decor Pad. The stainless steel bar stools, aluminum pendant lights, and wooden ladder make this kitchen distinctly utilitarian and industrial, but the addition of the counter to ceiling white marble backsplash and glass-paned cabinets keeps the space elegant and chic.

This kitchen has every element of a commercial grade kitchen...chef's tap, pot-filler faucet, and oversized hood. I love the juxtaposition of the steel caged bar stools against the luxurious white marble countertops. A perfect example of creating harmony between function and artistry.

I love the combination of textures in this kitchen...the white washed rustic brick, high sheen white lacquer cabinets, unfinished paneled floors, and stainless steel countertops. Placing the cooktop on the island makes it a space for both cooking and gathering.

Living Etc. The exposed ventilation system gives an added touch of industrialism to this space. The separation of the sink, range, and butcher block allows for numerous work spaces within the kitchen.

Designer Mick De Guilio. I usually don't like the clutter created by leaving pots and pans in plain sight, but by keeping the cooking utensils all stainless steel they become accent pieces that are part of the decor. I love the hanging scale on the pot rack, it adds a very authentic feel to the kitchen.

The stainless steel chairs and pendant light creates an almost laboratory-like feel in this kitchen. The white walls and glass cabinets help to soften an otherwise stark industrial space.

House and Home. In this space the stainless steel is not as much an industrial accent, but rather provides a touch of shine to this very elegant chic kitchen. I love the marble island and slate gray upholstered bar stools. Notice how the chandeliers are encased with sheer drum shades...a very unique and beautiful light fixture!

The white on white walls, cabinetry, and countertops create a beautiful monochromatic background that allows the black wolf range and stainless steel accents to take center stage.

Living Etc. I love the contrast of different textures and styles in this kitchen. The modern sleek stainless steel cabinets and chrome office chairs are softened by the textured stone floors, white beamed ceilings, and chic reflective chandelier. A perfect example of how stainless steel can work with any style or aesthetic, whether modern, rustic, traditional, or all of the styles combined.

Decor Pad. This is my absolute favorite kitchen, combining all of my favorite design elements in one space...bamboo chairs, slate gray accents, subway tiles, white carrara marble countertops, neutral upholstery, and high sheen maple wood floors. An absolutely beautiful kitchen that is both elegant and functional.

Portland Monthly. The pendant lights, exposed brass hinges, and wooden lab chairs add just the right amount of industrialism to this bright all-white kitchen.


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