Seeing Double

I have always adored a guest room or child’s room with twin beds. For me it is not so much about the utilitarianism of two beds, but rather the opportunity it affords to have double the impact with design and décor. Even if you don’t need the additional sleeping space, using two beds in a room allows for more patterns, textures, colors, linens, and pillows. The mirrored reflection of the beds creates a perfectly balanced space of visual symmetry and equal proportion, and allows you to play one bed off the other. Surprisingly, decorating two beds is much easier than one because you aren’t restricted by the confines of a single focal point. With two focal points and two statement pieces you are afforded a much larger space for the expression of your personal style and aesthetic.

As the bedrooms below demonstrate, two is better than one…

Melissa Rufty. I love this space! It is a beautiful blend of antique charm and modern elegance. The orange and fuschia toile wallpaper emphasizes the unique shape of the headboard, and having two creates twice the impact.

Brook Gianetti. The combination of soft Tiffany blue and natural linen creates a very serene and relaxing guest room. In this space, the headboards, linens, and artwork mirror one another creating visual symmetry and balance.

Elle Decor. This is such a simple monochromatic space, and yet the uniquely shaped headboards and feather centerpiece immediately give the space an Arabesque style. I love the use of different shades of whites, creating a serene neutral setting without being boring.

I love these red nailhead headboards. Using a bold colored headboard creates a distinct focal point and becomes the central color around which you decorate.

Amanda Nesbit. I love the tufted scalloped headboard and the matching scalloped coverlet. Not only do the beds mimic one another, but the detailing on each bed mimics that of other pieces in the room. Notice how the green and yellow detailing on the bedskirt and headboard matches that of the roman shades, pendant light, and dollhouse.

This twin bedroom features do-it-yourself projects by designer Jenny Komenda. She added turquoise ribbon to a white comforter cover to add a pop of color, upholstered muslin heaboards from Ballard Designs, and spray painted an antique bedside table to match the turquoise in the rest of the room. Such an easy way to create a beautiful space! Check out other projects at

I love the versatility of the decor in this space. By keeping the headboards white and using natural bamboo stick blinds, you can change the entire style of the room by simply changing the pillows and the quilts. It provides a beautiful neutral palette to work from.

Barrie Benson. I love the juxtaposition of the dark geometric pattern headboard and the very feminine Pierre Deux bed canopy. The addition of modern accent pieces adds a nice element of surprise and keeps this guest room from being overly feminine. The table lamp is the "white bel air lamp" by Jonathan Adler.

Cococozy. The velvet bolster pillows, sheer bed canopies, and petite slipper chairs create a very elegant, romantic and relaxing guest room. The addition of a canopy can immediately transform a space and can replace the need for a headboard.

Pottery Barn. I love the Nautical theme that seems to be dominating spring fashion and home decor. The quintessential bold blue stripes and sea grass accents are an easy way to make a space feel nautical.

Living Etc. There are so many different patterns used in this space...stripes, bohemian, and paisely...and yet having two of everything and keeping within the same color palette creates perfect harmony. I love the coverlet with the corner pleats and the use of overhead lamps to save space on the nightstand.


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