A Classic Pair

The pairing of classic understated black, set off by a pop of glitzy gold, is one we never get tired of in both our homes and in our closets. Much like accessorizing an LBD, the addition of gold to an all black palette can instantly make a space feel sophisticated, luxurious, and chic. Characterized as both glamorous and modest, seductive and practical, chic and versatile, and elegant and powerful; black and gold are a timeless pair that can adapt to any style or aesthetic. Whether you are making a bold glitzy statement or adding just a touch of antique glamour, the combination of black and gold has the power to instantly transform a space; creating a level of sophistication and beauty that is equal to the ever-classic LBD and iconic gold buttoned suit.

As Coco Chanel has proven, black and gold are a classic pair that will surely stand the test of time in both fashion and interior design.

The white chandelier and touches of gold glitz instantly make this space glamorous and ultra-chic. The graphic pattern on the wallpaper and the sidechair gives the space visual interest and adds a touch of modernity to the otherwise traditional space.

I love the juxtaposition of the traditional antique gold mirror against the modern black lacquer dresser. Notice the unique combination of different textures and finishes used in this space....the high-sheen walls and lacquer dresser, soft black velvet drapes, gilted mirror, and matte white floors.

As with fashion, gold is a perfect accessory to a black and white color scheme. The small elements of gold instantly makes this master bedroom feel elegant and chic.

The combination of gold, zebra, lucite, and plush creates a very feminine, modern space. But the use of deep black walls adds an element of masculinity and prevents the space from being overly glamorous or "Hollywood."

Even in the absence of furniture, the combination of black, white, and gold instantly makes the space feel elegant and sets the stage for very sophisticated and chic decor.

Decorpad. I like the modest use of gold accents in this office space. Although your eye is drawn to the oversized gold mirror and beautiful gold cane chair, the brushed leaf finish keeps the gold pieces understated and prevents them from being the dominant features of the room.

Badgley Mischka. The deep black walls, bar tray, and antique gold frame with art lighting creates a very handsome "men's club" feel.

Country Living Magazine. This is a perfect example of how black and gold can be applied to any style of aesthetic. In this space, black and gold create a very traditional Victorian-inspired master bedroom. The black and white striped walls are not wallpapered, but upholstered in fabric!

There is nothing understated about this master bathroom. The deep black walls and glitzy gold tiles create an oasis of glamour and elegance.

House Beautiful. In this space the sconces are the only touch of gold, and yet they still stand out amidst the all white and black palette. This combination of black, white, and gold creates a stunning and dramatic entrance to any home.

Designer Bob Collins. I absolutely love Chinese lattice wallpaper! It works particularly well in a hallway or entry way, allowing you to create a bold statement while still confining the rather busy pattern to a small space.


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