A Bit of Sunshine

What better way to celebrate daylight savings and the coming of spring than to add a splash of yellow to your décor. Yellow is a great color for decorating because it has a wide variety of pigments and tones; making it suitable for any style or aesthetic. There is amber, butter yellow, citrine, golden yellow, lemon, and mustard yellow; each one exuding a different personality and emotion. While bright citrus yellows can add an element of drama and allure, pale buttery yellows can make a space feel elegant, warm, and soothing. If, like me, you are apprehensive about adding yellow to your decor, then perhaps start small and confine yellow to a single accent piece or use a pale yellow that can function as a neutral. No matter what shade you choose, yellow has the power to bring new life to a space, making it a great color to ring in spring and celebrate the promise of a new season.

Goodbye gray skies, hello sunshine...

Carolyn Barber. I love this vanity space. The stark white and yellow striped wallpaper immediately brightens the space and adds an element of fun. The mirrored vanity and tailored ottoman keeps the space elegant and chic.

Steel gray and yellow make a beautiful pair. Adding a pale yellow to the walls and accent pieces adds warmth to the space and serves as a great complement to the blue tones of the gray headboard.

Reserving yellow for just one piece in a room adds just the right amount of color without being overwhelming. It also helps to draw your eye to the beautiful console table and sconces at the centerpiece of the room.

Southern Accents Magazine. I absolutely love this kitchen! Yellow looks particularly beautiful against an all white palette and can instantly make a kitchen feel fresh and bright. Using lemons as decor is an easy way to add a splash of yellow.

When using both a bold color and pattern on the wall, it is wise to keep the rest of the space within the same neutral palette. I like how the area rug mimics the pattern of the wallpaper.

Using yellow on your front door is a very bold statement, but it remains sophisticated and chic when paired with steel gray and black.

I love the stark contrast between the white high sheen floors and the French style painted yellow chairs. There is a beautiful dichotomy between alternating yellow and white walls.

This is a perfect example of how yellow can suit any style or aesthetic. In this space, yellow serves as the sole modern piece in this otherwise traditional and monochromatic space.

I love so many elements of this bedroom...the uniquely shaped headboard, the playful striped wallpaper, and the beautiful graphic fabric on the roman shades. Notice how the white moulding on the wall draws your eye around the entire room, forcing you to take in every intricate detail of the space.

I love this sliding farmhouse door. By painting the door yellow you can't help but notice its unique design and architectural detailing.

There are a lot of different colors, textures, and patterns in this space, but the use of yellow in various accent pieces helps to unify the space. Framing wallpaper is an inexpensive way to create oversized artwork for a wall.

Yellow tulips are emblematic of the arrival of spring, and they can instantly change the mood of a space...adding a dose of color, happiness, and warmth.

For me, the beginning of spring means warm weather, longer nights, and late night bike rides.


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