Coveted Collections

Nearly everyone has a wall in their home that remains blank because the size of the space is just simply too overwhelming. And while using one piece of artwork seems inadequate, the idea of creating a gallery of artwork on your wall can be daunting. Despite its challenges, a gallery wall has the power to completely transform a space; adding visual interest, geometry, and a personal touch. Whether you choose family photos, mementos, or artwork, what you display in your gallery says a lot about who you are. While some people might prefer an eclectic look with all different shapes, sizes, and subject matters, others might favor a more uniform and symmetrical display. No matter what your aesthetic preference is, a gallery wall provides a wonderful opportunity for self-expression and creativity.

This wall gallery is perfectly symmetrical and balanced, giving geometry to a space filled with soft edges and curved lines. The white mat of the artwork emphasizes the beautiful warm tone of the wood paneled wall.

Judith Miller. A gallery wall isn't solely for displaying artwork, but can also showcase your collection of treasured items. The dark blue wall creates a beautiful background, almost as if the wall has become a page out of a scrapbook.

Although this wall gallery displays a variety of different sized frames, the continuous use of black silhouettes and the repetition of the black and tan palette gives the space uniformity and order.

This office is a great example of how a wall can become a space of self-expression. The variety of colors, artwork, and frames is emblematic of the homeowner's eclectic style and bold aesthetic.

Emily A. Clark Design. A wall with tall ceilings can be very daunting, but hanging frames both vertically and horizontally helps to fill the space and gives visual interest to what would have been a large blank canvas. I like how the gallery continues beyond the ceiling beams.

I love this space for so many reasons! I not only love the striped settee and beautiful blue paisley wallpaper, but also the way in which the artwork is hung to fit the furniture. Rather than hanging the frames in a geometric pattern, the frames hug the outline of the chair...creating a beautiful vignette.

Ellen Silverman. A gallery wall displaying your favorite artwork is great for an entryway, greeting your guests with an introduction to your style and interests.

A gallery wall can serve as both a complement and a counterpoint to the rest of the space. In this case, the floral paintings and antique frames serve as a counterpoint to the more contemporary bold striped couch. Also notice the juxtaposition of both modern and traditional artwork within the gallery.

Jeremy Samuelson. The floor to ceiling gallery of artwork emphasizes the height of the space and makes the furniture appear small and insignificant. The wall itself becomes the focus of the room.

Elle Decor. I love how there are no rules to this space. The mix of colors, styles, and textures merits a wall gallery of equal variety and eclecticism.

Keeping within the same neutral palette allows the artwork to blend into the wall and makes them one with the space. Because of the softness of the pencil drawings, your eyes are drawn to the frames rather than the artwork itself.


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