Orange Appeal

Orange is a color that I tend to shy away from in both fashion and decorating. For someone who loves neutrals, it is not surprising that orange would be a color less favored. However, orange seems to be popping up everywhere in fashion. Some of the greatest fashion houses have been showcasing orange in their collections for years, including Lanvin, Chloe, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Christopher Kane, and Dries Van Noten. It is often said in the fashion world that “orange is the new pink,” bringing an edginess and freshness that immediately brightens any wardrobe. Orange is also a great alternative to pink in the home, providing the same energy and happiness without the distinct femininity. Much like your wardrobe, orange is best when paired with brown and white, creating an equestrian look that is reminiscent of the illustrious Hermes ads. Perhaps it is time we take a queue from fashion and invite orange into our homes.

No matter what your color preference is, it is hard to resist the beautiful orange of an Hermes box.

There is really no other way to describe this beautiful hue of orange than to refer to it as "Hermes orange."

Elle Decor. Orange and brown are a perfect pair. The orange gives a pop of color, while the brown helps to maintain the masculinity of the space. I love the Hermes throw on the back of the couch.

Nate Turner. I just couldn't resist this charming orange phone. As with any bold color, orange makes an even stronger statement when contrasted with bright white.

When using a busy pattern on the walls it is wise to keep the rest of the pieces in the room within the same neutral palette. I like how the geometric lamps and nailhead headboard stand out against the orange wallpaper. Notice another version of the Hermes blanket.

David Jimenez. The stack of lacquered boxes are an exact replica of the Hermes boxes. The collage of black and white items allows the orange boxes to serve as the focal point of the space.

Elle Decor. This living room designed by Kelly Klein is reminiscent of the equestrian inspired Hermes ads. There is something about the combination of orange, brown, and white that merits an equestrian accent piece.

Hermes Ad, 2007.

Domino Magazine. Much like books, a stack of Hermes boxes can serve as part of the decor and add geometry, color, and dimension to a space.

Metropolitan Home. Orange not only looks great with brown, but it also pairs well with black and tan. I love the solitary orange leather arm chair at the head of the dining table. Adding an upholstered chair to either end of the table adds a pop of color and gives prominence to the "head of the table" (much like royalty).

Princess Grace carries "the Kelly," the legendary Hermes bag named for her; image from a July 2007 Harper's Bazaar spread celebrating the 170th anniversary of Hermes.

I love this all white office with white high sheen floors. The orange Hermes boxes makes the space ultra-chic and fashionable. I love the added detail of using Mandarin orange trees outside; coordinating beautifully with the orange and greenery used inside.

Another great way to introduce Hermes orange into a space is to frame one of their beautiful scarves. They make for great wall art!

I love the idea of hanging twin beds! The orange Hermes blankets look beautiful against the natural undertones of the space...the wood paneled walls, linen chair, and thick rope. The Hermes blanket and vintage Louis Vuitton trunk adds an element of glamour and elegance to the otherwise rustic space.

The Hermes blanket featured in this ad is a perfect example of the beautiful combination of orange, brown, black, white, and tan. These color combinations are not only beautiful in fashion, but also in decorating.


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