A Clean Slate

If you are intimated by the prospect of decorating with black, slate gray can be a perfect alternative. Its deep tone and bold hue makes it a perfect statement color for walls, furniture, and accent pieces. Much like black, slate gray can add an element of classicism, elegance, and sophistication to any space. When slate gray stands alone there is always the risk of making a space feel somber, masculine, and industrial. But the addition of white, coupled with different textures and architectural details, can help to give a gray space warmth and dimension. The juxtaposition of bright white and dark slate gray creates a space that can be defined as both “chic industrialism” and “masculine elegance.” Although I have a deep affinity for black, slate gray and white prove be the newest power couple in interior design.

Perhaps it is time to start with a clean slate…

If you are still feeling a little intimidated about decorating with such a dark color, you can reserve the color for just the interior of built-ins. Using it as an interior color makes it a less dominant feature of the space, but yet it still makes for a great contrast with the white.

The plush slate gray fur blanket adds a touch of glamour to the very natural and neutral master bedroom. The texture of the fur and wicker headboard adds dimension to the all white palette.

Slate gray walls create a beautiful backdrop to white furniture. I like the high-gloss finish of the paint making it feel as those the walls are stainless steel.

Old meets new in this space with the juxtaposition of the antique French wardrobe and egg and dart moulding vs. the shag rug and fleece chairs. Notice the different textures and details in this space...the fluffy shag, exposed seams of the chairs, intricate moulding on the ceiling, and white applique detailing on the wardrobe. All very different pieces, but they work together beautifully.

This office is emblematic of an "industrial chic" space. The dark slate gray walls and floor, coupled with the touches of silver and chrome, make the space masculine and industrial. But the traditional round table and columned bookcase keeps the space elegant and chic.

I love this bedroom! The tufted white headboard and accents of gray and silver create a luxurious and serene setting. A perfect example of the beautiful combination of bright white and a bold deep hue.

The slate gray buffet with silver gilding becomes the focal point in this very minimalist dining room. I like the contrast between the slate gray table and the unfinished wooden chair.

This space shows the versatility of slate in both the modern and traditional style. I like how the rest of the furniture plays off of the gray of the fireplace, giving it cohesion and creating a very clean look.

I just couldn't resist this photo. The bright white wooden console table serves as a great contrast to the slate gray walls. Just like in fashion, silver is a great accessory to white and gray.

I absolutely love the gray fur rug and crystal chandelier in this dining room. Keeping the rest of the pieces white prevents the space from being pretentious or overly decorated.

Slate floors in a kitchen look beautiful with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. I love how the backsplash draws the gray from the floors.

Metropolitan Home. This modern neutral master bedroom has so many unique elements. The slate gray headboard and silk drapes really stand out against the faux bois wallpaper, and I love the black lucite chair. Slate gray, black, and neutral tones create a beautiful palette.

Slate floors also make for a great entryway because of their durability and resistance to water stains. A great example of how slate and white are a perfect couple...serving as both a complement and contrast to the other.


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