Head of the Class

There is something about headboards that interior designers just can’t resist. They are no longer simply the backbone of a bedframe, but rather the focal point of a room. In many cases, the headboard is the definitive expression of the aesthetic of a room, serving as a complement or counterpoint to the overall style of the space. I have never had a headboard, which is perhaps why I am so enamored with them. They can be upholstered, tufted, or framed, and can have rounded, winged, or obtuse edges. The possibilities are endless, and the style that you choose can say a great deal about the personality of the room. I have found so many headboards that I love that it is impossible to decide on just one style. And maybe I don’t have to… Many of the headboards below combine both traditional and modern elements, allowing me to have the best of both worlds!

This is a perfect example of using both modern and traditional elements. I love the juxtaposition of the upholstered nail head headboard and the white veneer nightstand.

A very unique take on an upholstered headboard. In this case, the headboard isn't the focal point of the room. You naturally focus on the bold red drapes.

Jonathan Adler bedroom. With all of the colors and patterns, the white headboard becomes the exception to the rule.

Metropolitan Home. The black headboard against the white and gray linens creates a very clean contemporary look.

This headboard combines nearly every style...tufting, nail heads, and square sides.

I love how the scalloped headboard matches the scallops on the coverlet. Having twin beds allows you to have twice the drama, and creates a mirror-like balance to the room. Amanda Nesbit Design.

Elle Decor. I absolutely love this headboard! Actually...I love this whole room!

Nicky Hilton's bedroom. The glossy patent leather headboard is the centerpiece of the room and gives it a distinct personality.

Tiffany blue winged headboard. The most uniquely shaped headboard I have seen!

My absolute favorite for obvious reasons...monochromatic and unquestionably chic.

The beautiful shape of the sleigh bed, coupled with the tufting, immediately gives this room a sense of elegance and luxury. Although there is a variety of textures and patterns, the uniformity of the lavender color keeps it sophisticated.



It’s as Clear as Black and White

I just finished a series of posts about introducing bold color into your design, but nothing is as bold as the ever-powerful black and white. This juxtaposition of light and dark has been used in fashion and interior design for centuries, and it will continue to be the “power couple” of colors. Coco Chanel probably understood the power of black and white the best. This designer’s reputation was built around creating “uncomplicated classics” in black and white, and the simple black interlocking double-C is the most recognized label in the couture fashion industry. Her signature “little black dress” and black woven wool “Chanel Suit” is emblematic of the power of casual elegance.

It’s as clear as black and white…

When combined, these two colors can create a clean, fresh, and unquestionably sophisticated look for any room or wardrobe.

Chanel Ad Campaign 2009.

I love the stark contrast between the white chandelier and the black dining room table. The black and white pin stripe wallpaper gives the room a masculine feel; a counterpoint to the feminine chandelier.

You can reserve the black and white for the walls and add elements of color and texture to other pieces in the room.

Elle Decor July-August 2009. You can purchase a similar black and white stripe rug at William Sonoma Home or Ballard Designs.

Designer Anna Sui decorated her entire New York penthouse in black and white. There is a lot going on in this small space, but the black and white preserves its elegance.

Domino Magazine. Home of J. Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons. Black painted walls have become a new trend. You either love 'em or you hate 'em.

This month's issue of Elle Decor features a Hamptons home redesigned in bold colors. The black subway tile in the kitchen creates a dramatic backdrop for the white hood, cabinetry and porcelain kitchenware.

Very bold, but stunning.

Black and white photos coupled with a black and white geometric carpet make for a dramatic ascent up the stairs.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Hamptons kitchen featured in House & Garden. Absolutely love it!

Even the addition of just one black and white piece, such as a Zebra print rug, can make a bold statement and serve as the focal point of a room.

Cape Cod style home with modern appeal. New York Times photo. This is the newest addition to my list of "dream homes".

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I have been searching for a mirror for above my fireplace for months now. The wall is a large blank canvas just waiting for a beautiful piece that will serve as the focal point of the room. There are so many to choose from, and yet I haven’t found the right one that suits me…or the wall. Mirrors not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but they can also open up a small space, provide a reflection of light, and serve as an accent or counterpoint to another piece of furniture . If you are working with a large space, you can use multiple mirrors in different sizes to create variety and visual interest. Even in a small space, you can create great complexity and sparkle with an ornate Murano mirror or a one-of-a-kind antique mirror. Although my wall remains bare, here are a few of the beautiful mirrors that I came across during my search. Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest one of all? The search continues…

Ives Mirror, featured in Southern Accents "High Point".

These gold mirrors fill up a large space where there would otherwise be a headboard. The mirrors not only provide a reflection of the outdoors, but also reflect the white chandelier above the bed.

The antique wood, gold leaf trim, and tiled mirror makes this a beautiful focal point for any room.

I love the look of oversized mirrors resting on the floor. This oversized gilt mirror adds a touch of French elegance to a bedroom or dressing room.

Elle Decor. I love this mirror! This uniquely shaped mirror brings the room from simple and chic to stunningly beautiful.

This is my favorite mirror for above my fireplace...but just slightly out of my price range. Oval and circle shaped mirrors provide a counterpoint to a rectangular or square space. It is available at http://www.onekingslane.com.

The intricate design of this mirror makes it a piece of art, while simultaneously reflecting light into the space.

Speaking of Lucite…

Lucite seems to be the “now” material of choice. This clear acrylic plastic was once confined to strictly modern and contemporary showrooms with very hard edged lines. But now, lucite is being celebrated by old and new designers alike. It is even making it’s way into fashion!

The February 2010 issue of Elle Magazine features the lucite accessories below in their "Fashion Spotlight".

Lucite trimmed Christian Louboutin sandals. J. Mendel lucite cuff. Michael Kors lucite bubble necklace. Lucite is spring's new fashion trend!

Michael Kors runway show. New York Fashion Week Spring 2010. It was all about sheer grays and lucite.

Fendi lucite heels.

The softer side of lucite…

Many designers are now using the modern material for more traditional pieces with softer and curvier lines.

A classic tufted chair in lucite.

Lucite console with a vintage French mirror.

Helena Rubenstein chair. Lucite with much softer curvier lines.

This modern lucite vanity is a beautiful addition to a very traditional room.

“I need contrast—the old and the new, the rough and the soft. The clash of it all is very sexy.”Fashion designer Catherine Malandrino

Brilliant Blue

I mentioned in my first post New Colors for a New Year that I have very few bright colors in my wardrobe. I like to play it safe with neutrals; the always chic black, tan, and gray. I do however make one exception to that rule–Cobalt! A beautiful, bold, vibrant blue, it is the most intense addition to any wardrobe or room. As in Greek architecture, it is most dramatic when contrasted with bright white.

This room says it all. The contrast is beautiful! Patricia Gray Interior Design. Farrow & Ball Paint No.253 Drawing Room Blue.

The new book "Style and Substance, The Best of Elle Decor" is full of examples of beautiful blue interiors.

Domino Magazine. I love the geometry of this space. The contrasting white trim emphasizes all of the different shapes.

I love Jonathan Adler's nautical link cobalt wallpaper, and it is a great contrast to his white ceramic decorative pieces.

"Variations on Blue" Architectural Digest.

This room almost mimics the image of the Greek architecture along the Mediterranean coast. Deep cobalt blue, stark white, and sand.

The inspiration for it all…

Santorini, Greece.

Santorini, Greece.

Lucite Sighting

After falling in love with the lucite side table in Amanda Nisbet’s beach house, I started to see lucite everywhere. Lucite chairs, tables, lamps, hardware, etc. Lucite furniture not only gives a modern appeal to a room, but it also doesn’t take up too much visual space. Phillipe Stark is famous for his Louis Ghost Chairs that he designed in 2002 for Kartell. What I love about these chairs is the modern interpretation of an otherwise classic historical Louis XV armchair. It is a perfect example of the juxtaposition of old and new/traditional and modern. Now that you know about lucite I promise you will start seeing it pop up everywhere.

Kartell's Louis Ghost Chairs. They come in a number of different opaque colors.

These amazing lucite barstools simply disappear under the bar. The bronze seat cushions add another modern element.

The lucite chairs with yellow cushions provide a strong visual contrast to the dark wood table.

Another beach house by Amanda Nesbit with an unexpected Lucite flair.

Lucite can also help you maintain a neutral palette. I love the lucite pedestal on the right!

This console table would be great for an entryway or bar area.

You can find reasonably priced lucite furniture and accessories at http://www.cb2.com, http://www.1stdibs.com, and http://www.hivemodern.com.

You can get these lucite organizers at CB2.

A lucite vanity from the 1970's.....so chic! Talisman London at 1stdibs.com.

New Colors for a New Year

Anyone who knows me will tell you that bright colors just aren’t my thing–not in my wardrobe nor in my decor. But the January-February issue of Elle Decor inspired me to get outside of my “monochromatic” comfort zone and add bright splashes of color to my life. Admittedly, I will have to start slow, but I have already found that even just a few accents of bright colors can add a fun element of surprise and can really take a room from simply beautiful to simply amazing. Don’t get me wrong….my grays and neutrals aren’t going away, but look at what can happen when you mix the two.

A touch of yellow. Eileen Kathryn Boyd, New York interior designer known for her bold use of color.

An easy way to add color to a room is to paint the inside wall of a built-in.

This is my favorite combination of colors, and I love how the Greek key pattern is repeated throughout the room. Those porcelain garden seats look amazing in any room.

Purple is the new color and I love the contrast trim on the Roman Shades, upholstered headboard and bedskirt. It's an easy addition that really makes a room look well-tailored and elegant.

Designer Amanda Nesbit epitomizes the use of bold colors and neutrals. I love the beautiful (but unlikely) coupling of different colors and styles---turquoise vs. linen and modern vs. traditional. The lucite side table immediately gives a modern feel to the beach house.

“Color is not merely an outlet of personal expression, but rather a state of mind which infiltrates all that we are and do.” -Eileen Kathryn Boyd

The beginning…

Welcome to my  Interiorly blog, a creative outlet for all those that are inspired by and passionate about creating living spaces. Spaces that are as functional and versatile as they are beautiful and unique. We all find inspiration for our interiors from many different sources…design magazines, flea markets, antique shows, boutiques and professional designer homes. Interiorly is one such source of inspiration.

There is really no one style that defines a beautiful living space. I love the juxtaposition of modern and traditional, cherish a monochromatic home of whites, grays, and linens, and envy the bright palette of Ikat prints and Southwestern design. I often find myself tearing pages out of Elle Decor, Metropolitan Home and Architectural Digest to create an eclectic scrapbook of beautiful furnishings, fabrics, lighting, color and styles. It is a book of inspiration for my “dream home”…whenever that should happen. I hope that this will serve as a scrapbook of design inspirations for your dream home or next home project.

If we can’t have the dream home now, we can certainly still have a flair for living Interiorly

If we can't have the dream home now, we can certainly still have a flair for living Interiorly...

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