Gorgeously Green

The rustic chic spaces in my last post inspired me to think about other ways in which you can bring the outdoors into your home, and adding an element of green proves to be the perfect opportunity. Because of its wide range of hues, you can find a green that will suit any style or aesthetic. There is apple green, celadon, emerald, forest green, jade, lime green, olive green, sage, sea-foam green, and viridian. As with any color, green looks best when contrasted with bright whites and neutrals, creating a refreshingly chic space. Whether applied as a bold lime accent or as a soft sage backdrop, green is a wonderful way to ring in spring and celebrate the outdoors.

This is a more literal interpretation of bringing the "outdoors in". Alison Events.

I love the contrast between the white chaise lounge and the green walls and drapery. The white border on the valance and the floorboard trim pulls it all together beautifully.

This bedroom features a variety of different hues of green, and each one is applied in a different texture or pattern. Although there is a lot going on in this small space, keeping the hues within the same palette gives the room unity.

Amanda Nesbit. This is a beautiful color combination. Pairing the lime green with a soft gray palette prevents the walls from overpowering the space.

The green and cream striped wallpaper is subtle enough that it doesn't become the focal point, but rather serves as the backdrop to the collage of prints hanging on the wall.

Reserving green to just one piece automatically gives the space a focal point.

This is one of my favorite wallpapers made by Schumacher. It is also available as an upholstery fabric in a variety of colors. That bike looks just like my apple green Schwinn cruiser...I love it!

This is my favorite use of green. The soft sage green walls and bright white accents create a refreshingly chic bedroom. Notice how different hues of green can created markedly different spaces.

Martha Stewart Living. This is a perfect example of how you can find a shade of green that will fit any style. Kelly green is the perfect dose of color to this modern minimalist space.

Putting apple green on the walls in an entryway makes for a bright and refreshing welcome to your home. I like the contrast of the apple green and the bright white wainscoting.

Martha Stewart Living. This is a perfect example of the many different shades of green. Notice the different greens used in the moulding on the wall, the console table, the seat cushion, and the glass light fixture. They all work beautifully together.


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