Rustic Chic

When I hear the word “rustic” I immediately think of a deep woods cabin or a farmhouse with weathered wood, exposed beams, plank floors, and heavily textured and unrefined materials. But choosing to introduce rustic pieces into your home doesn’t have to mean committing yourself to patchwork quilts and tree trunk tables. What is so alluring about the rustic style is the way in which it draws inspiration from the landscape and brings the outdoors into the home. By taking some of the best elements of rustic (the warmth and beauty of natural wood, the variety of textures, and the comfort of unrefined furniture), and combining it with whites and neutrals, you can can immediately take a space from “country charm” to “rustic chic”.  Adopting the more natural features of a rustic home doesn’t mean you have to give up sophistication, style, and refinement.

Elle Decor. Designer Darryl Carter is known for creating polished and refined rustic spaces. I love the combination of the rustic console table and mirror with the traditional wing chair and gold sconces.

This is a beautiful example of how white can add an element of sophistication and refinement to natural wood and weathered accents. I love the white painted plank floors.

This all-white dining room is still very elegant and chic, but includes some of the best elements of the rustic beams, natural wood, and textured stone. A perfect example of how chic and rustic can coexist beautifully.

Darryl Carter. My favorite example of rustic chic! I love the juxtaposition of the equestrian painted barn door and the baroque chandelier. Also notice the beautiful contrast of the dark stained formal dining set against the white plank floors.

Nina Grisom's Millbrook, New York home. Rustic meets French elegance in this dining room. The chandelier of branches and natural wood table is made elegant with the French urns and French bistro chairs.

Elle Decor. The kitchen in Darryl Carter's clapboard house is quintessentially rustic with the farmhouse door and plank floors. But the all white palette, coupled with the white marble and stainless steel, preserves its elegance and refinement.

Another of Darryl Carter's beautifully polished rustic spaces. I love pairing white chairs with unfinished wood tables. Lost are the days of matching dining sets.

Elle Decor. Darryl Carter. Modern meets rustic. Just a touch of weathered wood can make what would have been a very minimalist modern space into a rustic nature inspired space.

Elle Decor. I love how there are so many different woods in this space...finished, unfinished, stained, and high-sheen. The unique antler armchair not only adds an element of rustic style, but also provides texture and visual interest.

I also love the idea of a rustic chic wedding…

Rustic chic weddings are beautiful in the mountains or the wine country. The natural setting makes for a beautiful backdrop and allows you to draw earth tones from the landscape. I also couldn't resist because I absolutely love her wedding dress!!

Beth Helmstetter Events.


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