Pretty In Pink

“Pink has become as ubiquitous as black. Who would have thought that?”                              -Constance White

I admittedly don’t have a natural attraction to pink (nothing like my relationship with black), but there seems to have been a resurgence of pink in interior design over the last decade. Much like red, too much pink can be overwhelming, but when used as an accent, it can bring great emotion to a space. The color pink evokes many different emotions, and it is not confined to simply one style. While soft pinks are associated with romance, feminism, hope and happiness; bright pink is youthful, fun, sensual and passionate. Whether applied as an element of bold modernism or soft traditionalism, you can’t help but feel pretty in a pink space.

Jersey Lomellina swimwear. Flourish Design + Style blog. I love this 50's style bathing suit...very vintage chic.

This is a very feminine space, but the graphic wallpaper keeps it modern and I love the contrast between old and new.

Elle Decor. The bright pink is very bold, but the different textures and patterns give the space visual interest and prevent it from being overwhelming.

I just couldn't resist this picture. The rosy pink is beautiful!

Modern meets traditional in this ultra-chic pink office. I absolutely love the lucite chair with the ornate French desk, and the silk drapes create a dramatic frame around the windows.

When using pink you are not confined to one shade. This living room uses a variety of different pinks...bubblegum pink walls, bright pink pillows, and a deep rose pink velvet armchair. The variety of colors and patterns creates an alluring eclecticism.

Domino Magazine. The mirrored foot board coupled with the pink walls makes for a very feminine bedroom. I like that the linens are a different shade of pink than the walls. Using different hues prevents the space from being too "matchy".

This is a perfect example of how just one element of pink can add personality to a space. Because of the all white palette, the framed poster becomes the focal point of the room.

Elle Decoration UK. Betsey Johnson's all pink loft. Now that is a pink room!

If adding pink to your decor is a little intimidating, you can start by painting one accent wall in a very light white-washed pink. This wall almost looks like it is painted with water colors.

2007 Elle Decoration UK Magazine.


One response to “Pretty In Pink

  1. Lucille and Natalie Fletcher

    Love the pink door. Natalie insists on having a pink door when she moves to her dream house!

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