All In White

I am naturally drawn to the elegance of white, but I can’t help but take note of it’s beauty when paired with silver and taupe. An all white palette is fresh, bright, simple, and serene; but the addition of taupe or silver accents can take an all white room from simply calming to beautifully chic. When white stands alone there is always the risk of making a space feel somber, cold, and institutional. An accent color, coupled with different textures and architectural details, can help to give a white space warmth and dimension. If white or light-toned neutrals don’t appeal to your aesthetic, then I hope that you can at least savor the momentary calm and serenity that these spaces exude.

The bridal shower today was beautiful, and the homemade cupcakes were a success!

I love this bedroom! This is a perfect example of how the addition of texture, pattern, and a taupe accent can make a monochromatic white space elegant and beautiful.

The exposed beams and paneled walls give architectural detail to a very large white space. This added detail, coupled with silver-gray accents, keeps this space from being sterile.

Although there are no accent colors, the sparkle from the hanging crystals makes this space magical.

This Serena and Lily nursery is so calming and serene. I love the shape of the side table and the way the drapes are haphazardly tied back...they give visual interest to the monochromatic space.

Elle Decor Suite at the Cite de L'Architecture. Elle Decor Magazine commissioned Belgian designer Martin Margiela to decorate the former apartment of Jacques Carlu, the architect who designed the Palais Chaillot. It is now available to rent as an event venue.

Elle Decor. I love the touches of soft gray along the floor board and the interior of the anchors the white space. You can get a similar sofa at Oly Studio..which I love! Check out the Hanna Sofa at

Architectural Digest. To avoid creating a very sterile white kitchen, designer Jose Solis Betancourt installed a beautiful gray granite island with stainless steel. The natural wood accents also help to keep this space bright and fresh.

Designer Noriega Ortiz is known for creating beautiful all-white spaces. This Hamptons home becomes heaven-like with the sheer white drapes and raindrop crystals. The dark wood floors and bits of greenery prevents the space from being too stark.

If you are brave enough (and don't have children), white painted floors are beautiful. Farrow and Ball floor paint is said to be the best, and they are surprisingly easy to clean if you use a damp cloth and dry Swiffer. I worked in a show house with white floors, and they were actually easier to keep clean then the carpet.

You can get away with having an all white space with a light filled room. The natural light keeps the space bright and refreshing. I love the unique shape of the chairs and the built-in tabletop...a great way to maximize a small kitchen.


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