First Impressions

The entryway in a home carries a very heavy responsibility. It is the first space that guests see when they enter your home, and thus it is very important that it makes a good first impression. Entryways serve as a preview of the homeowner’s personality, style, and aesthetic preference; making it a great place to showcase some of your favorite pieces. Whether it is a beautiful console table, an ornate mirror, or a unique wallpaper;  the pieces in your entryway should capture the attention of your guests and create a sense of expectancy for what the rest of the house has to offer. Despite their importance, an entryway is often the smallest space in a home…presenting a challenge for even the best interior designers. It is tempting to want to fit a lot into such a small space, but as you will notice below, some of the most simple entryways make a lasting first impression.

These entryways are just small vignettes of what is to come…

This is an absolutely beautiful entryway. There are only a few pieces of furniture, but they make a very dramatic statement. The chandelier and mirrored table captivate your attention the moment you walk in the door.

The purple console table and colorful wallpaper make a bold first impression and are a clear indication of the homeowner's more intrepid use of bold color. Many people will use stacks of books in an entry to give the space some height.

I love this space...very uptown chic. The black and gold with touches of hermes orange is a clear expression of the homeowner's style and interests. Fashion, fashion, fashion!

This is my favorite for obvious reasons...monochromatic but very elegant. The console table is not only beautiful, but also utilitarian. Notice the small letter holder and tray for your keys.

Elle Decor. The beautiful antique French table and gold gilt frame makes for a grand entrance to this home. Although there is a lot on the console table, no one item loses its unique appeal.

I love putting the table in the middle of the entryway if you have the space. It allows you to create one central focal point and gives you the option of hanging a low chandelier or lantern. Notice how books are used again here as part of the decor.

Martha Stewart Magazine. The mirrored entry and crystal chandelier makes for a very elegant first impression. The mirrors also make the space appear larger.

Domino Magazine. I love white moulding on painted walls, it instantly makes a room feel glamorous. The moulding is the focal point of this entryway because your eye is instantly drawn to the end of the hallway. I love the color of the walls!

Thom Filicia. This entryway has beautiful clean lines...notice the repetition of rectangles throughout the space (the chandelier, the legs of the console table, the sides of the bench, and the moulding around the door). I love the contrast between the dark stained door and the bright white walls.

Architectural Digest. Designer Stephen Knollenberg's cottage in Michigan. This is why I like placing tables in the middle of an entryway, it allows you to go as big as you want with the fixture. I love this oversized immediately gives a focal point to a rather large and simple entryway.


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