Oceanfront Property

It is very difficult to describe in words the blue of the ocean, and people interpret the color in very different ways. When decorating an oceanfront home you can draw inspiration from the water and create a room with a palette of different shades of blue, or you can draw from the color of the sand and create a tranquil neutral tone space, or you can draw inspiration from the harbor and create a nautical space with navy blue, red, and white. No matter how you interpret the colors of the ocean, there is one thing that all oceanfront spaces share…a beautiful view. All of the beach houses below are beautifully illuminated with natural light from a window, making the whites brighter and the blues deeper. The view that these windows offer is what makes these oceanfront spaces so alluring.

David Lawrence Studio. This living room is very simple, keeping to two basic colors-navy and white-but the striped rug and floral couch gives this space dynamism and visual interest. I love the white garden seat...it is a beautiful accent piece in any space.

There are a lot of patterns going on in this bedroom, and yet the all blue color scheme allows the room to maintain its elegance. I like the oversized version of blue and white stripes on the drapes. The sheets are the Lulu DK line by Matouk. They make the most beautiful linens!

Coastal Living Magazine. This room is a perfect example of how navy blue and white can brighten a space. The round mirror is reminiscent of a porthole on a ship, giving this room a more nautical feel.

Coastal Living Magazine. I love the all white decor with just splashes of red and navy blue, and notice the small navy blue details that bring it all together (the navy piping on the cushions and the navy trim on the roll-up shades). The floor to ceiling windows make you feel like you are on a yacht.

Coastal Living Magazine. I like this modern take on nautical decor. The simple addition of the oars on the wall immediately transforms the style of the space.

Victoria Hagan Interiors. This all navy blue and white look is very similar to the David Lawrence living room pictured above. Much like black and white, navy blue and white creates a beautiful contrast. I love the unique shape of the wooden seat in front of the fireplace.

Coastal Living Magazine. I love when a space brings the outside in. The colors of the pillows and cushions mimic the blue of the ocean and the natural color of the sand. It is an effortless transition between the living room and the beach.

House Beautiful, March 2010. A map makes for beautiful wall art. The wood framed chair and low-lying couch gives this room a 70's feel.

The bathroom in this Southamptom beach house is a gorgeous sea blue retreat. The glass tiles, silver chandelier, mirrored vanity, and chaise lounge transforms this bathroom into a luxurious living space.

Meg Braff Interiors. This is a modern take on nautical...very sailor chic. I love the geometry of the wallpaper and the trim on the pillow.

The geometric rug and blue zebra pillows makes this casual beach house modern and chic. The wood paneled walls makes you feel like you are in the hull of a ship.


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