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Many people say that black isn’t a color, but to me it is THE color. Just take a look in my closet…it is the staple of my wardrobe: the little black dress, the perfect black trousers, the classic black handbag, and the always-flattering black stilettos. What black does for a woman’s wardrobe it can also do for your home. It is effortlessly chic and can immediately add an element of elegance, drama, and sophistication. In order to avoid creating an overly dark or somber space, black is best applied as an accent piece or paired with bright white or gold-gilt accessories. It takes a confident designer to introduce black into a space, but I hope that these spaces will inspire you to embrace bold decor and not banish black to your closet.

“The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you.” -Coco Chanel

My love for black extends to black and white photos as well. Black, white, and gold are absolutely timeless in both interior design and fashion.

Domino Magazine. The black chair rail molding along the wall of the room ties all of the black accessories together.

Apartment Therapy. Black high-sheen painted floors are very dramatic and give a masculine feel to the space.

Domino Magazine. This New York flat uses just the right amount of black and bright white to keep the room from being dreary. The black and white portrait on the mantle draws your eye to the beautiful black and white marble fireplace below.

I love the mix of black and shabby chic. The black adds drama to the charming farmhouse kitchen chairs and antique china cabinet.

Just like in fashion, black looks best with gold accessories.

I love this black shoe cabinet featured on the "This is Glamorous" blog. Every girl's dream is to display their beautiful shoes this way.

Domino Magazine. J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyon's bedroom. The dark walls are not covered in black paint, but chalkboard paint. This would be great for a child's room or playroom.

Domino Magazine. Dark walls seem to be a new trend. This room has an eclectic collection of pieces, but I love the strength of the black walls, black upright couch, and black leather nail head coffee table.

I love these high sheen black split doors. They are reminiscent of black patent leather ballet flats, another staple of my wardrobe.


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