The Office Space

For many people, an office is strictly business. But home offices are often an extension of a living space, and therefore, deserve the same attention to design as the rest of the home. The possibilities are endless when designing a home office, and the style you choose is a clear reflection of the personality of the person or family using it. It is a space where you have the freedom to break the rules, and perhaps use a style that is a complete departure from the aesthetic of the rest of the house. And just because it is a place of work, doesn’t mean it has to conform to the stale nature of utilitarianism. The “non-office” office spaces below are markedly different in design and style, and prove how a home office can be both functional and beautiful.

Domino Magazine. The upholstered arm chair and silver scrolled base of the desk give this office a sense of luxury and elegance.

Better Homes and Garden. The addition of the black bamboo chair and glass lamp makes this traditional Queen Anne desk more contemporary.

I love this vintage gold desk with a wood tabletop. It's unique shape makes it the focal point of the room.

Domino Magazine. Modern meets traditional in this space with the Queen Anne desk, white chrome chair, and geometric glass lamp.

Chicago Home Magazine. There are so many unique pieces in this office. The curved Demilune desk and Hollywood Regency gold chandelier make this office a one-of-a-kind.

Domino Magazine. Designer Mary McDonald's office. I love the use of Tiffany girly and chic.

Domino Magazine. Designer Mary McDonald's office. I love the contrast of Tiffany blue and bright girly and chic. This is a space I wouldn't mind working in.

This office is an eclectic collection of old and new. I love the juxtaposition of the antique desk and lucite chair.

I have always wanted an A-frame saw horse desk. This is a perfect example of how a home office is an extension of a living space. There is an effortless transition between the family room and the office.

Designer Monique Lhuillier's office. The use of dark slate on the walls and furniture creates a beautiful monochromatic space, allowing the white desk to serve as the centerpiece of the room.

Office by designer Steve Miller. The painted blue trim and collage of photos and mirrors makes an otherwise stale white wall a beautiful backdrop to the work space.

Office by designer Steve Miller. The blue painted trim, coupled with the collage of pictures and mirrors, makes an otherwise boring white wall a beautiful backdrop to this work space. I love the lucite legs on the desk!

Decorators Studio. This dual workspace is both utilitarian and unquestionably chic. Red and purple are a very powerful pair.


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