A Private Retreat

Everyone has a favorite place in their house where they can relax and unwind after a long day. Whether it is a bedroom, a comfortable reading chair, a window seat, or a porch swing; these spaces offer complete serenity, solitude, and security. Everyone is looking for something different when they seek a “retreat” from the rest of world. Maybe it’s not the space itself, but the feelings that the space exudes when you are in it. Soft lighting, soothing colors, comfortable furniture, minimal decor…whatever it is, it is yours. So find a nook, make it your own, and relax.

I love everything about this space, and you can even make room for storage below.

This is a beautiful bright space and I love the spider web window. The shelves allow you to house your favorite things to make the space distinctly yours.

Domino Magazine. I love this room! Neutral palette with cobalt blue accents....this would be my favorite room to curl up with a book.

Domino Magazine. The simplicity of the colors and furniture in this room creates pure serenity.

Elle Decor January 2006. This space is very dark, but the lush pillows, blanket, and sheepskin rug makes it irresistibly cozy.

Burnham Design. I love the use of the same color in different shades and patterns. It is very chic and elegant, but yet still inviting and comfortable.

Domino Magazine. Everything about this room is calming...the sheerness of the canopy and drapes gives an airy heaven-like feel to the space.

I love this different take on a window seat. It's reminiscent of a private booth in a restaurant. This is an easy place to "hide" and enjoy complete solitude.

Giannetti Home. Designer Brooke Giannetti turned a daybed into a beautiful retreat by adding four posts and draping heavy linen. There is something about linen and white that exudes calm and purity.

This window seat is built deep enough that you can sleep on it. I love the amount of natural light that fills the space.


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