Head of the Class

There is something about headboards that interior designers just can’t resist. They are no longer simply the backbone of a bedframe, but rather the focal point of a room. In many cases, the headboard is the definitive expression of the aesthetic of a room, serving as a complement or counterpoint to the overall style of the space. I have never had a headboard, which is perhaps why I am so enamored with them. They can be upholstered, tufted, or framed, and can have rounded, winged, or obtuse edges. The possibilities are endless, and the style that you choose can say a great deal about the personality of the room. I have found so many headboards that I love that it is impossible to decide on just one style. And maybe I don’t have to… Many of the headboards below combine both traditional and modern elements, allowing me to have the best of both worlds!

This is a perfect example of using both modern and traditional elements. I love the juxtaposition of the upholstered nail head headboard and the white veneer nightstand.

A very unique take on an upholstered headboard. In this case, the headboard isn't the focal point of the room. You naturally focus on the bold red drapes.

Jonathan Adler bedroom. With all of the colors and patterns, the white headboard becomes the exception to the rule.

Metropolitan Home. The black headboard against the white and gray linens creates a very clean contemporary look.

This headboard combines nearly every style...tufting, nail heads, and square sides.

I love how the scalloped headboard matches the scallops on the coverlet. Having twin beds allows you to have twice the drama, and creates a mirror-like balance to the room. Amanda Nesbit Design.

Elle Decor. I absolutely love this headboard! Actually...I love this whole room!

Nicky Hilton's bedroom. The glossy patent leather headboard is the centerpiece of the room and gives it a distinct personality.

Tiffany blue winged headboard. The most uniquely shaped headboard I have seen!

My absolute favorite for obvious reasons...monochromatic and unquestionably chic.

The beautiful shape of the sleigh bed, coupled with the tufting, immediately gives this room a sense of elegance and luxury. Although there is a variety of textures and patterns, the uniformity of the lavender color keeps it sophisticated.



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